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Since I've stopped, I'm putting away at least £500 a month.

I decided to quit smoking for financial reasons and because my husband really wanted me to stop. I have tried to quit several times before using different products but I knew I was ready to quit because I felt motivated.

 Since quitting, my breathing has improved and I have saved a lot of money which I have put away for a holiday next year. The biggest benefit I have found since quitting is that my husband no longer tells me to stop and is proud of me. 

Tips I would give to others to help them quit is, to get support and medication from a stop smoking advisor as the praise I received was great.


Quitting smoking is something I have tried many times over the years. I have had a lot to think about with my health and I keep asking myself if this ‘little stick’ is worth it. 

I have smoked since a young age so know quitting is always going to be a hard habit to give up.

 I have had fantastic support from my advisor, all the advice and ongoing patience to get me where I need to be has been great. I am determined to be a non-smoker.

You know what you're doing is going to cut your life short.


I've got rid of two infections and I've stopped smoking. It's a massive win.

I started smoking again around 2 years ago. I have stopped before, my longest quit was 15years. I think commitment is the hardest thing when giving up smoking – it’s too easy to go back to it but this time I had my health to consider. 

I used patches which were great for me, they just slotted into my daily routine. I have managed to save a bit of money which I have put towards my trike – before I could not justify the money to do that because I was smoking. 

My best advice was to ‘give it a chance’ and to ‘keep going’. I always hated dirty ashtrays and now I don’t have to clean my own anymore.